Hi, my name is Robert Ritz. I’m a data scientist and educator based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. I started Mongolian Data Stories in 2018 to tell “the hidden side” of Mongolia through data. I’ve written about everything from air pollution to Tsagaan Sar debt, and I’m always looking for new and interesting ways to understand Mongolia.

Originally this blog was hosted on Medium, but in 2021 I felt it was time to give Mongolian Data Stories its own home. The new site opens up a lot of flexibility to now also host translated articles, embed more sophisticated visualizations, and hopefully become a place you want to come to read about Mongolia.

Transparency and reproducibility are key values for this blog. As such, you can find all of the code, notebooks, and data for all the posts on the site on the Mongolian Data Stories Github Repository. In fact, this entire site is hosted on Github using Jekyll and Github Pages.

Code found in notebooks is covered under the GPL v3 license. All posts are copyright Robert Ritz from 2018 onwards.

If you would like to contact Robert please use the contact form here.